Let's take the stress out of it. It's time... 

...to find an easier way to succeed in school. 

...to have someone guide you through the complexities and unknowns of college applications. 

It seems scary, but it doesn't have to be. 

It's time for this to be easy. 


You only have one chance to make this happen - Let's make it count. 

Academic success opens all sorts of opportunities for students, and the most critical time to form these habits and skills is before you head off to college. 

I've seen it countless times... 

Students think they know everything. They're getting good grades in high school, and think college will be the same, when in reality they have no idea what college is really like. 

They get overwhelmed and stressed out when it comes to applying for college, and all the paperwork and deadlines. 

Let's be clear - I'm not going to write you any essays. 

But what I will do is guide you through this process and ensure you get through it successfully, without getting overwhelmed

Let's work together to get this done right. 

And you're ready to... 

  • get on top of your education.

  • succeed in school without spending all your time stressed out.

  • have balance between your schoolwork, your college applications, and everything else you need done.

  • apply for a ton of scholarships with edited applications, winning you money for tuition.

  • stand out to Admissions and Scholarship committees.

  • have someone who understands what you're going through on your side.

  • take the fight out of finishing high school strong and applying for schools you've only dreamed of attending.

If you...  

  • are tired of being stressed out about deadlines and applications.

  • are fed up with your parents nagging you (or nagging your kids!) about their essays and tests.

  • want to take your success into your own hands, and be organized and in control.

  • feel like you might need a little extra help to stay on track of everything that needs to be done.

  • don't know how to make your applications stand out.

  • are willing to meet with me once a week to get through this smoothly.


Then this is the solution you've been looking for! 

This is it - This is when you STOP doing this alone. 

Working with me in my 1:1 programs, you will: 

  • have weekly meetings where we assess your progress and determine actions to move you closer to your goals

  • get crystal clear on what your academics goals are, and work on a roadmap to get you there.

  • learn tools to help you study better in less time, so you can spend more time doing what you want to do.

  • discover time management and scheduling techniques that will ensure you're never rushed to complete assignments, always have enough time to study for tests and no deadlines ever sneak up on you.

  • be 100% supported by me while you excel academically and get into the colleges of your dreams.

  • receive constant email support and editing services for your applications and essays.

  • identify your 'Stand-Out' factor, making you memorable and giving you insightful topics for your essays.

  • enjoy your senior year of high school or freshmen year of college without stress, so you can enjoy your experience and know you're not missing a thing.


The college application program.jpg

Currently accepting High School JUNIORS!

What's Included: 

  • Onboarding call to identify your goals, go over expectations from either side, address any questions and concerns.

  • 10 weekly, 1:1 video call sessions, where we work together to get through the step-by-step college application process.

  • Unlimited email support, to answer any questions you may have.

  • An accountability platform, where we can track what has been done, what is left to do, and deadlines - parents may access this to keep their children on task.

  • Some topics we may cover include (but are not limited to):

    • College Matching and Creating a Personalized College List

    • Creating a Detailed, Individualized Action Plan, Timeline and Schedule, including overview of your 'Stand-Out' factor.

    • Common Application elements and review of required documents.

    • Application Essays Overview

    • Editing Application Essays Together, Reviews with Feedback.

    • College Resume Building - exploring volunteer and extracurriculars.

    • Securing References and Letters of Recommendation.

    • Creating an individualized database of Scholarships, with Amounts, Deadlines and Requirements.

    • Scholarship Application Overview.

    • Scholarship Application and Essays Reviewed.

    • Final Review - All aspects of Application, Essays, and Scholarship Applications Reviewed Prior to Submission.

    • Review, goal setting, maintaining momentum and stress-management for the waiting period.

Investment: $1000 for all 10 sessions

OR $119 per session

The college application program (1).jpg

Currently accepting High School FRESHMAN and SOPHOMORES!

What's Included: 

  • Onboarding call to identify your goals, go over expectations from either side, address any questions and concerns.

  • 10 bi-weekly, 1:1 video call sessions.

  • Unlimited email support, to answer any questions you may have.

  • Goal-setting.

  • Overview of strengths, weaknesses and areas of priority.

  • Comprehensive individualized assessment of study skills, time management and work ethic.

  • Work on a 'Stand-Out Factor', which will give you an edge and feature your skills and knowledge in the eyes of Admissions Teams.

  • Calendar and scheduling tools to ensure you are on track in school and with extra curricular activities, so there will never be a surprise deadline or exam cram session again.

  • Establish new skills and techniques to allow you to be more efficient and effective when it comes to studying, school work, and other responsibilities.

  • Mindset practice and success-driven patterns, so you can can work towards your goals with confidence.

Investment: $1000 for all 10 sessions

OR $119 per session